High-end 440C Japanese steel is used by third-generation expert bladesmiths to handcraft flawless, durable and beautiful knives.

Each KOTAI knife requires 138 steps and over 2 months to be made before going through rigorous testing.


Japanese knives are sharp, precise and beautiful, but fragile, prone to chipping and oxidation.

Western knives are sturdy, durable and rust-resistant, but lack the acute blade edges and nimbleness of their Asian counterparts.

We believe that you should not have to choose.

KOTAI offers you the best of both worlds, so you don't have to compromise.

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Hear it from the pros

Knife experts at the service of
gastronomy experts.

Robert Fontana, Executive Chef, Pacific Club Hong Kong

1. Heavy Duty
2. Sexy Design
3. Safe & trustworthy

Davide Borin, Executive Chef, Pici Group, Hong Kong

Powerful knife, yet very
comfortable and precise.
I always have it right beside me.

Thibaut Gamba, Michelin Starred Chef at La Table, (5-star hotel Clarance), Lille, France

The handle feels great in my hand,
it is well-balanced, and I love the
hand-hammered pattern on the
blade. Very good craftsmanship.

Philippe Colinet, three times Michelin Starred Chef at Colette (5-star hotel Sezz), Saint-Tropez, France

When a chef invests in a blade, it
must follow him for all his life. That
is why we work with Kotai knives.

Disciples d’Escoffier, world’s largest Chefs association

The blade is great, the handle feels
superb in my hand, beautiful finish
and very, very good craftsmanship.

Vincent Leroux, Executive Chef, The Drawing Room, St Regis Hong Kong (5-star hotel)

I am speechless! The knife is

Francesco Arena, Executive Chef, Maison B hotel (4-star hotel), Rimini, Italy

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to ship an order?

KOTAI ships from Miami, FL.

We offer free shipping on all orders of $69.95 in the USA.

Shipping typically takes 1 business day. You will receive a tracking number shortly after placing your order.

KOTAI USA also ships to South America.

What is the “KOTAI Lifetime Warranty”?

Every single KOTAI knife has been through a rigorous quality control process and will not leave our factory before it is manually checked by 3 different inspectors.

That is why we stand behind our products 100% and are proud to offer lifetime warranty in the case of manufacturing defects.

Also, if at any time within 90 days of receiving your KOTAI knife you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may contact us and we will process a full refund with the return of your KOTAI knife. Please note that all items coming back need to have their original packaging

You may reach us at info@kotaikitchenusa.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Why is the blade hammered?

"Tsuchime" (槌目), meaning hammered in Japanese, is a traditional knife-making method in which the blade is given a distinctive texture through repeated hammering.

This texture helps prevent the food being sliced from sticking to the blade, because it creates pockets of air between the blade and slices of food.

Having rounds of potatoes or carrots sticking to the blade can make kitchen worktops messy and cooking less enjoyable. For faster and more precise cooking, more and more Japanese and Western chefs are adopting tsuchime blades.

Just like chefs and their cooking style, each tsuchime pattern is unique. There will be no other knife identical to yours.


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Limited USA warranty

90 days money back guarantee

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